Reheating Ben Yoskovitz: the Lost Post

As I dig through my Google Docs “electronic shoebox”, I’ve been amazed at the stuff in there. Old family pictures. Unfinished to-do lists. And an hour ago I saw a blog post I wrote on 9/13/13, just over 1 year ago, but never posted because I didn’t want to take the time to edit it and make it acceptable.  I am finally putting it up, and I will use red italics to signify my updated comments. Here goes.

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So, Which Syndicates? How Much?

I promised no more long pieces, but people wanted to know what syndicates I’m investing in specifically, and they don’t seem to know that you can look under my “Representative Angel Investments” page (see above) to see what I’m doing. Here’s the basic breakdown as it stands now. Seeing as there is an anticipated dealflow commitment of more than 100 deals (although roughly half of those are to FG Angels, for whom I’m doing a tiny amount per deal), I … Read More

It’s Wayne’s World! Party On, Excellent Syndicate!

Wayne is IN! And I’m thrilled to be along for the ride. Details below.

Let’s start with some non-controversial startup investment logic:

1)   Critical elements to successful startup investing are staying on top of technology trends and having access to good deals

2)   Smart entrepreneurs seek out as advisors/investors those successful role models who they can relate to (i.e., are the same age, travel same circles, have friends in common, etc.)

3)   I have a limited amount of connections and … Read More

Why I’m Switching Over to @AngelList Syndicates

As hinted in the previous post, I’m changing tactics, even though I haven’t changed startup investing philosophy.  I’m cutting down the pace of individual company investments at least by half and probably more, even though I’m increasing the overall total of the investments (courtesy of @Crashlytics and Twitter). The difference: I’m farming out the work.

Time Frame           Angel Companies/% Money        Commingled Funds/% Money

Last 4 years                      55 deals/85%                         3 funds (80 positions)/15%

Next few years                  5 a year/ 25%                         9-10 … Read More