Going Back to School–AsktheVC

I’ve started a new company, and right now I’m just focusing on recruiting the right talent, be that employees, advisors, or investors. And tonight I talked to a potential recruit who wanted to know what the option package would look like. Rather than recreate the wheel, I turned to VentureHacks, in particular this classic post, and I forwarded it along so the person could get a perspective.

However, the new kid on the answer block (or rather the … Read More

The Holy Trinity of Answer Sites for Startups

Dharmesh Shah, entrepreneur (at HubSpot), angel investor and startup guru, was kind enough to let me put a post on his blog “On Startups”. The piece is entitled “Entrepreneurs: What to do if you don’t have an idea“, which follows up on my last post on establishing credibility. ¬†Dharmesh’s book, Inbound Marketing, along with Steve Blank’s excellent website,¬†were two principal inspirations to start this blog.

OnStartups has good articles relating to angel investing, but … Read More