VIDEO: 1 Quick Minute with William Mougayar

William Mougayar (venture advisor, 4x entrepreneur, TechStars mentor, marketer and strategist) is one of my favorite thought leaders in the startup space. Why? Because he not only finds and curates great content (via his website, he is an active and valued commentor on other blogs (such as Fred Wilson’s,), and he also produces a lot of his own original  pieces, both market commentary (like this piece on bitcoin) or just old-fashioned wisdom, nuggets of which … Read More

Blocking and Tackling vs. The Spread Offense

Football fans will recognize the title as talking about the difference between fundamentals and creative razzle dazzle. Both styles, properly mastered, win games. Which brings me to my two new favorite reads.

Bill Payne’s blog discusses the fundamentals of angel investing, with the wisdom gained from a grind-it-out veteran. In contrast, Tom Eisenmann’s HBS class blog “Launching Tech Ventures,” frequently dazzles,  scoring often based on the surprise factor. I’ve already noted my admiration for Professor Eisenmann’s posting of Read More