Buried under 376 GB of Video

In addition to beginning to process the applications coming into Techstars, I’ve just finished the bulk of my work teaching a Middlebury College class this January. We frontloaded in meetings in Boston with various entrepreneurs, VCs, angels, bankers, lawyers…and the students compiled 376GB of interviews in the can with over 40 different firms or investors involved. There is a long list of people to thank who responded to the last blog, and we couldn’t even handle the many more folks … Read More

VIDEO: 1 Quick Minute with William Mougayar

William Mougayar (venture advisor, 4x entrepreneur, TechStars mentor, marketer and strategist) is one of my favorite thought leaders in the startup space. Why? Because he not only finds and curates great content (via his website startupmanagement.org), he is an active and valued commentor on other blogs (such as Fred Wilson’s avc.com,), and he also produces a lot of his own original  pieces, both market commentary (like this piece on bitcoin) or just old-fashioned wisdom, nuggets of which … Read More

My Fun New SideProject: Introducing StartupGrid

I’m teaming up with the New England Venture Capital Association to create StartupGrid, an authoritative compilation of advice, expertise, and thought leadership from New England’s top VCs, angels, entrepreneurs, and service providers.

What is Startup Grid and Why is it Needed?

As entrepreneurship becomes more fashionable, so does offering startup advice. But it’s everywhere, it’s messy, it’s disorganized and it’s of inconsistent quality. Instead of leaving it to a time-starved entrepreneur to navigate a whole Internet’s worth of content, we’re … Read More