Back Unto the Breach

I haven’t posted, tweeted, commented, attended angel meetings, or otherwise engaged in weeks. And most likely I won’t be for several more weeks, as… I’m starting a new company!  It’s called FX Aligned, and it will introduce 3rd party trading desk services for institutional investors in the world’s biggest market, the $4-5 trillion DAILY foreign exchange market. And just like Jake and Elwood, the Blues Brothers, I’m “on a mission from God, and I’m getting the band back together again.”… Read More

Best Post on Financing a Startup I’ve Read

Stop reading this and go straight to the wonderful article by David Skok of Matrix Partners entitled

Cash is King: 8 tips for Optimizing your Startup Financing Strategy.

The article covers a broad range of issues, from milestone planning to amount of extra runway required, all of which add up to THE most important startup objective: ensuring your company doesn’t run out of cash.  David, incidentally, was described to me by a current TechStars company as the “highest value … Read More

Changing from No to Yes

I recently changed course and invested in a (unnamed for the time being) green energy-related company.  I see all sorts of startups related to green energy, all of whom previously got a thumbs down. Most often the no is on the team or on capital inefficiency questions, just as in any other sector.

I had seen “X Company” present at angel meetings or conferences three times before, and I never regretted passing on them. So what changed my mind and … Read More