So, Which Syndicates? How Much?

I promised no more long pieces, but people wanted to know what syndicates I’m investing in specifically, and they don’t seem to know that you can look under my “Representative Angel Investments” page (see above) to see what I’m doing. Here’s the basic breakdown as it stands now. Seeing as there is an anticipated dealflow commitment of more than 100 deals (although roughly half of those are to FG Angels, for whom I’m doing a tiny amount per deal), I … Read More

Angel Heaven: Building the Ultimate Syndicate Vehicle

Continuing my recent onslaught on articles about angel syndicates. (Last one before I go back to hibernation.) Here is my dream wish list for the ultimate angel investing vehicle.

The Killer Angel Vehicle combines the best of institutional asset management with ease of shopping on Amazon. Let’s have an instrument that delivers filtering, scale, governance, diversification, benchmarking, standard documentation, access, and actionable low cost passive indices. Oh yeah, and make it easy. And easily transferable in a secondary market.

I … Read More