My Next 8 Months of Angel Investing: One Fund and a Half Dozen Startups

OK, the title of this post has ensured that I’ve gone and blown any shreds of suspense. But I’m writing this to get feedback from all of you, so feel free to pick apart my logic.

Angel investing itself is 100% bottom-up, i.e., picking the right companies. However, in order to figure out how much I have to spend, I need to think top-down, or macro.  I start by figuring out how much is a proper amount to go into … Read More

Montreal Startup Scene

My focus as an angel investor has been New England companies, but I am thinking less about that 3.5 hour drive to Boston and more about making the 2 hour drive north to Montreal. I visited Anges Quebec for one of their monthly meetings last night and came out excited.


Whereas most US angel meetings are done in the mornings, often in classrooms or in a lawyer’s spare conference room, populated with lots of grey-haired or no-haired old men, … Read More