Dropping In on Ordr.In

I’m in NYC today and had an open timeslot, so I stopped by Ordr.In, a TechStars NY company from 2012 that has an open API that makes it easy for people to build apps to, you guessed it, order in food. I got the quick rundown in person (the CEO David had already sent a great investor update recently), but mostly I crashed on a couch to get through some work and set up my new Android phone. (Yep, … Read More

Two New Investments, Now It’s Time to Start the Diet

I’m delighted to let people know that I’m investing in Ordr.In and MedicalRecords.com. ¬†Ordr.In produces a suite of APIs looking to unify the food delivery business (and a TechStars NY Summer 2011 company), while MedicalRecords.com helps physicians make sense of all of the electronic health record choices they need to making. And both are firmly in my 65% jockey, 35% horse way of evaluating companies.

As I said in my post “The Next Eight Months“, for the … Read More

Angel Rewards–It’s the Little Things

Just got back from 2 days in Boston talking to MassChallenge companies and 1 day in NYC with TechStars. (Go Ordr.In! Go SideTour!)While I had a lot of meetings and was overscheduled, it was massively fun. But the highlight to me was when Cynthia Smith of Lynx Sportswear came up to me and started profusely thanking me. I recognized her, but didn’t know why she was signalling me out. I remember hearing her pitch, but sportswear–especially women’s … Read More