Untether.tv, and Other Stellar Podcasts.

With my weekly drive from VT to Boston, I have a lot of time to listen to podcasts about startups. Here are my favorites:

1) Untether.tv For as long as I’ve been angel investing, Rob Woodbridge has been putting out quality interviews with entrepreneurs around the mobil space. Mobile is my favorite area of investment, and his coverage of the sector is so comprehensive that I find that he has interviewed many of my portfolio companies, asking much deeper and … Read More

Top 4, err, 5, make that 7 Web Analytics sites? Help!

I need to do a post (or one of these days just update the Topics Page) on Web Analytics and Social Media. ¬†More importantly, I have to learn more about these things myself, so for now I’m just going to quickly pass along this great link here by @Avinash.

Avinash is my favorite read to date, ¬†including lots of beginner guides as well as more advanced stuff I haven’t tackled yet. This website already links to posts with … Read More