Is it a seed? An A? A Seed 2? Praise be to Marc Andreessen’s tweet and Mark Suster’s reply on what a funding round is called. It’s confusing and misleading.

I’ve invested in private companies for years, and I still have no consistent idea of how people talk, having done rounds nominally called “B”s valued on $3mm pre, and one “Seed” valued at $20mm. But I sure wouldn’t use those terms to describe the investments, they have no meaning.

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Two New Investments, Now It’s Time to Start the Diet

I’m delighted to let people know that I’m investing in Ordr.In and MedicalRecords.com.  Ordr.In produces a suite of APIs looking to unify the food delivery business (and a TechStars NY Summer 2011 company), while MedicalRecords.com helps physicians make sense of all of the electronic health record choices they need to making. And both are firmly in my 65% jockey, 35% horse way of evaluating companies.

As I said in my post “The Next Eight Months“, for the … Read More

AngelList’s Big Four Benefits for Investors

Anyone who regularly reads this column knows I love AngelList. It’s the matchmaker service between promising startups and early stage investors which has revolutionized angel and maybe even VC investing.  There has been a slew of recent articles on AL, including good ones from Venture Hacks, Venture Beat, and BostInnovation.  But while there are a few guides on how to hack AngelList from a startup’s point of view, almost nothing exists for angels looking to get … Read More

How to Not Lose Your Shirt as an Angel Investor

I’ll be attending Angel Boot Camp II in Boston on June 14. It’s a terrific event run by Jon Pierce, with lots of opportunities for talking strategies, meeting lots of angels and VCs, and even seeing a few select companies. (Anyone interested, it’s free but you must register.) I’ll be at a breakout session with Sim Simeonov, former VC at Polaris, current angel and born-again entrepreneur with FastIgnite and Shopximity.  Last year Sim gave a great … Read More

My favorite reading from the week of May 15

And the awards go to:

Rob Go of NextView Ventures for his post on considerations  for the ideal seed round composition; and also to Roger Ehrenberg of IA Ventures for his complementary piece on finding the right investors for the mission.  Startup guys raising their rounds now, read these two article pronto;

Fred Destin of Atlas as part of a really good angel panel, which among other things, talks about how the speed of AngelList threatens traditional … Read More

“It’s X for Y”

“It’s X for Y”

Every angel has heard a pitch like the above. I recently saw a pitch on “LinkedIn for Pets”. Huh???  This means of comparison has become so cliché, and so laughable, that there’s a random startup generator to do this—click here and refresh a few times, you’ll see what I mean. (Thanks to Alex at Biff Labs, one of the many cool DogPatchLabs Cambridgecompanies, for the link.)

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Changing from No to Yes

I recently changed course and invested in a (unnamed for the time being) green energy-related company.  I see all sorts of startups related to green energy, all of whom previously got a thumbs down. Most often the no is on the team or on capital inefficiency questions, just as in any other sector.

I had seen “X Company” present at angel meetings or conferences three times before, and I never regretted passing on them. So what changed my mind and … Read More