Ranking my Favorite Angel Groups

The last post on The Perfect Angel Group created an idealized composite group that unfortunately doesn’t exist. The post did beg the question of which is my favorite group, which I’ll answer here.  Quick disclaimer—I have visited less than half of the groups in New England, and none South of Boston.  So while this is a limited and regional list, I think it’s still instructive to look at a few of the groups in a little more depth.

The Bronze Read More

The Perfect Angel Group

Recently an angel group surveyed members on how to improve its meetings. If I could start a group from scratch, here’s what I would try to do.

People:  I like having some minimum responsibilities for members.  I suggest a minimum number of investments or investment dollars per annum; a minimum number of meetings made–say 40%- and a minimum requirement to bring 1 or more guests who can become members or otherwise add value to 2 meetings a year. The … Read More