Portfolio Company Update: Incentive Targeting

I invested in Incentive Targeting in either 2009-2010–it was a deal that took a good while to close, as it had for that time a record number of angel groups in the East Coast. (If you want to hear that story, Frank Peters interviewed lead deal negotiator Michael Mark, first champions and syndicate wranglers D.R. Widder and Paul Silva, and me in 2010 in his show “The Definitive Guide to Herding Cats”,) and I followed on with a … Read More

Four Weddings and a Funeral for an Angel Investor

Well, March has come in like a lion. Not only did we get 26” of snow two weeks ago in Burlington, but also I’ve been experiencing a blizzard of activity with my angel investments—4 good events, and 1 bad. Which is a great ratio, but then again, these are only midterms, and most final grades aren’t in.

So, what’s to celebrate? The best news came first: an exit on one of my investments.  The good news was accompanied by the … Read More