Entrepreneurs: What to Do if You Don’t Have an Idea

This post was originally published in OnStartups. I hope to be doing further guest posting on that site, which is one of my favorites. Thanks to Dharmesh Shah for his edits.

Don’t have an idea yet for a startup?

Then get off your butt and go work for someone else’s cool startup!  And the first place I would want to work would be a company that has momentum, powerful friends, and has been thoroughly vetted by pros.

How can … Read More

The Holy Trinity of Answer Sites for Startups

Dharmesh Shah, entrepreneur (at HubSpot), angel investor and startup guru, was kind enough to let me put a post on his blog “On Startups”. The piece is entitled “Entrepreneurs: What to do if you don’t have an idea“, which follows up on my last post on establishing credibility.  Dharmesh’s book, Inbound Marketing, along with Steve Blank’s excellent website, were two principal inspirations to start this blog.

OnStartups has good articles relating to angel investing, but … Read More

Top 4, err, 5, make that 7 Web Analytics sites? Help!

I need to do a post (or one of these days just update the Topics Page) on Web Analytics and Social Media.  More importantly, I have to learn more about these things myself, so for now I’m just going to quickly pass along this great link here by @Avinash.

Avinash is my favorite read to date,  including lots of beginner guides as well as more advanced stuff I haven’t tackled yet. This website already links to posts with … Read More