9 Point Checklist Before Investing in an Angel (or VC) Fund

In the last post, I discussed how commingled funds, whether they be managed by micro-VCs, leading angels, or traditional venture capital funds, can be an important component in an early stage investor’s overall strategy. This is especially for those who otherwise can’t assemble a diversified portfolio. In this post, I’m going to talk about 9 areas I think are most relevant to look at before investing in a startup fund. They are:

1)     The Manager’s Background /Reputation

2)     Prior … Read More

My favorite reading from the week of May 15

And the awards go to:

Rob Go of NextView Ventures for his post on considerations  for the ideal seed round composition; and also to Roger Ehrenberg of IA Ventures for his complementary piece on finding the right investors for the mission.  Startup guys raising their rounds now, read these two article pronto;

Fred Destin of Atlas as part of a really good angel panel, which among other things, talks about how the speed of AngelList threatens traditional … Read More

Blocking and Tackling vs. The Spread Offense

Football fans will recognize the title as talking about the difference between fundamentals and creative razzle dazzle. Both styles, properly mastered, win games. Which brings me to my two new favorite reads.

Bill Payne’s blog discusses the fundamentals of angel investing, with the wisdom gained from a grind-it-out veteran. In contrast, Tom Eisenmann’s HBS class blog “Launching Tech Ventures,” frequently dazzles,  scoring often based on the surprise factor. I’ve already noted my admiration for Professor Eisenmann’s posting of Read More