Unintended Consequences

Sounds like ace angel podcaster Frank Peters just lost one of his charter sponsors due to him releasing an interview with me about my recent change of angel investing strategy. Gust, nee AngelSoft, pulled their sponsorship of him.  I don’t know anyone who has been more supportive of both angel groups and Gust than Frank. … More Unintended Consequences

Angel Blogs, and my First Interview in 11 Years

,  Yep, looks like I have finally dropped off the witness protection program. Last interview was in 2000. So we know what that means: it’s bubble time. Thanks to Frank Peters of The Frank Peters Show for hosting me, the only podcast I know dedicated to angel investing. Here’s the link to download the interview. I’ve … More Angel Blogs, and my First Interview in 11 Years

“It’s X for Y”

“It’s X for Y” Every angel has heard a pitch like the above. I recently saw a pitch on “LinkedIn for Pets”. Huh???  This means of comparison has become so cliché, and so laughable, that there’s a random startup generator to do this—click here and refresh a few times, you’ll see what I mean. (Thanks to Alex at Biff Labs, … More “It’s X for Y”

The Perfect Angel Group

Recently an angel group surveyed members on how to improve its meetings. If I could start a group from scratch, here’s what I would try to do. People:  I like having some minimum responsibilities for members.  I suggest a minimum number of investments or investment dollars per annum; a minimum number of meetings made–say 40%- … More The Perfect Angel Group