Entrepreneurs: What to Do if You Don’t Have an Idea

This post was originally published in OnStartups. I hope to be doing further guest posting on that site, which is one of my favorites. Thanks to Dharmesh Shah for his edits. Don’t have an idea yet for a startup? Then get off your butt and go work for someone else’s cool startup!  And the first … More Entrepreneurs: What to Do if You Don’t Have an Idea

“It’s X for Y”

“It’s X for Y” Every angel has heard a pitch like the above. I recently saw a pitch on “LinkedIn for Pets”. Huh???  This means of comparison has become so cliché, and so laughable, that there’s a random startup generator to do this—click here and refresh a few times, you’ll see what I mean. (Thanks to Alex at Biff Labs, … More “It’s X for Y”

The Future of Seed Capital

I’ve seen the future of Seed Capital…and it’s Project 11. I spent an afternoon last week at DogPatch Labs in Cambridge, an incubator backed by Polaris Ventures. Like many incubators, there are a lot of promising startups there, like MassChallenge finalists Neuroscouting and Energesis Pharmaceuticals; TechStars Boston alumni like Social Sci, Localytics, etc.  But the most … More The Future of Seed Capital