Brad Feld’s @Techstars Talk on “Work Life Harmony”

One of Techstars’ co-founders (and current hero of Foundry Group’s limited partners due to the spectacular success of his investment in Fitbit) is Brad Feld. Brad took some time today to answer questions from the current Boston Techstars, with the theme being “Work Life Balance”. Below are my rough notes on the topics. I’m not trying to accurately portray his talk as a reporter, but more give people a sense of what it’s like to be in Techstars.
Brad … Read More

AngelList’s Big Four Benefits for Investors

Anyone who regularly reads this column knows I love AngelList. It’s the matchmaker service between promising startups and early stage investors which has revolutionized angel and maybe even VC investing.  There has been a slew of recent articles on AL, including good ones from Venture Hacks, Venture Beat, and BostInnovation.  But while there are a few guides on how to hack AngelList from a startup’s point of view, almost nothing exists for angels looking to get … Read More

Why Every Angel Should Beg to Mentor at an Accelerator

The Original Mentor

Most angels who volunteer as mentors cite noble reasons to do so: “paying it forward”, “giving back”, educating the next generation of entrepreneurs, and so on.  I love people who help others purely for altruistic reasons, and I hope such motives stay foremost in mentors’ minds.  The more favors you do, the more come back your way. At AngelBootCamp on 6/14 in Boston, there’s a great session with Katie Rae (TechStars, Project 11) , David Skok (Matrix), … Read More

9 Point Checklist Before Investing in an Angel (or VC) Fund

In the last post, I discussed how commingled funds, whether they be managed by micro-VCs, leading angels, or traditional venture capital funds, can be an important component in an early stage investor’s overall strategy. This is especially for those who otherwise can’t assemble a diversified portfolio. In this post, I’m going to talk about 9 areas I think are most relevant to look at before investing in a startup fund. They are:

1)     The Manager’s Background /Reputation

2)     Prior … Read More

How to Not Lose Your Shirt as an Angel Investor

I’ll be attending Angel Boot Camp II in Boston on June 14. It’s a terrific event run by Jon Pierce, with lots of opportunities for talking strategies, meeting lots of angels and VCs, and even seeing a few select companies. (Anyone interested, it’s free but you must register.) I’ll be at a breakout session with Sim Simeonov, former VC at Polaris, current angel and born-again entrepreneur with FastIgnite and Shopximity.  Last year Sim gave a great … Read More

My Next 8 Months of Angel Investing: One Fund and a Half Dozen Startups

OK, the title of this post has ensured that I’ve gone and blown any shreds of suspense. But I’m writing this to get feedback from all of you, so feel free to pick apart my logic.

Angel investing itself is 100% bottom-up, i.e., picking the right companies. However, in order to figure out how much I have to spend, I need to think top-down, or macro.  I start by figuring out how much is a proper amount to go into … Read More