The Holy Trinity of Answer Sites for Startups

Dharmesh Shah, entrepreneur (at HubSpot), angel investor and startup guru, was kind enough to let me put a post on his blog “On Startups”. The piece is entitled “Entrepreneurs: What to do if you don’t have an idea“, which follows up on my last post on establishing credibility.  Dharmesh’s book, Inbound Marketing, along with Steve Blank’s excellent website, were two principal inspirations to start this blog.

OnStartups has good articles relating to angel investing, but … Read More

Blocking and Tackling vs. The Spread Offense

Football fans will recognize the title as talking about the difference between fundamentals and creative razzle dazzle. Both styles, properly mastered, win games. Which brings me to my two new favorite reads.

Bill Payne’s blog discusses the fundamentals of angel investing, with the wisdom gained from a grind-it-out veteran. In contrast, Tom Eisenmann’s HBS class blog “Launching Tech Ventures,” frequently dazzles,  scoring often based on the surprise factor. I’ve already noted my admiration for Professor Eisenmann’s posting of Read More

Top 4, err, 5, make that 7 Web Analytics sites? Help!

I need to do a post (or one of these days just update the Topics Page) on Web Analytics and Social Media.  More importantly, I have to learn more about these things myself, so for now I’m just going to quickly pass along this great link here by @Avinash.

Avinash is my favorite read to date,  including lots of beginner guides as well as more advanced stuff I haven’t tackled yet. This website already links to posts with … Read More

The Most-Read VC Blogs: Thanks to Larry Cheng of Volition Capital

While I’ve listed my favorite blogs (see the Authors tab, as well as the blogrolls on the right hand side), the hard-working folks at Volition Capital just did this amazing blogpost.  For those of you who don’t click through, I’m blatantly copying their text and links.  Again, for the original, you can go here.

The Global VC Blog Directory (Q410 Avg. Monthly Uniques)

  • Paul Graham (@paulg), YCombinator, Essays (97,227)
  • Fred Wilson (@fredwilson), Union Square
  • Read More

    Being Selfish and Giving Back at the Same Time

    I’m writing this strictly for me. For my benefit, to dig deeper, to be able to explain myself, to vent, and to try to improve my investing. And to help spread some ideas on how to improve Vermont’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  But consider it open source for my fellow entrepreneurs and angels.  Everything I find useful, I’ll be posting, with the goal of making this site a giant curated library. Feel free to make suggestions, because this is a work in … Read More