Everything You Wanted to Know About Boards:Touring the Blogoverse

I’m taking part in a StartupVT conference and will be on a panel speaking about Boards. Here are some of my favorite knowledge bombs dropped by an all-star cast of entrepreneurs and investors. Just last week came this explanation of Advisory Boards vs. Fiduciary Boards from Christopher Mirabile. With that in mind, let’s take a tour of VentureHacks and AskTheVC. ADVISORS From VentureHacks:

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Back Unto the Breach

I haven’t posted, tweeted, commented, attended angel meetings, or otherwise engaged in weeks. And most likely I won’t be for several more weeks, as… I’m starting a new company!  It’s called FX Aligned, and it will introduce 3rd party trading desk services for institutional investors in the world’s biggest market, the $4-5 trillion DAILY foreign exchange market. And just like Jake and Elwood, the Blues Brothers, I’m “on a mission from God, and I’m getting the band back together again.”… Read More

Changing from No to Yes

I recently changed course and invested in a (unnamed for the time being) green energy-related company.  I see all sorts of startups related to green energy, all of whom previously got a thumbs down. Most often the no is on the team or on capital inefficiency questions, just as in any other sector.

I had seen “X Company” present at angel meetings or conferences three times before, and I never regretted passing on them. So what changed my mind and … Read More

Cool Networking Map from LinkedIn

You can now play around in LinkedIn to see it create your business network map. Here’s mine:

You can get them through the LinkedIn Labs Network function. I just love network maps. Though you can’t see the actual dots and connections on this, I can see who’s connected to whom on my copy. If you care, here’s more on the mapping function: herehere, and here.… Read More

Vermontrepreneurs: Monthly MeetUps Starting Feb 8

Silicon Valley has Buck’s. Cambridge has the Voltage Cafe and the @venturecafe. Where do entrepreneurs, VCs, angels, and startup professionals go to gather in VT?  Well, first and foremost, there’s Vermont Venture Network, which has been meeting monthly in Burlington for more than 20 years, led by Ken Merritt of Merritt, Merritt & Moulton.  And there are monthly meetings of North Country Angels (Montpelier), the Vermont Software Developers Alliance (Winooski), the Vermont Biosciences Alliance, and I’m … Read More

Startup Vermont: How a Competition Can Bring Us Together

Vermont New Business Prescription: Second in a Series

Pulling it all Together

Tomorrow I’m meeting with Vermont House legislators as well as an official from the State Commerce department to talk about startup competitions. As I said below in “Vermont New Business Prescription: First in a Series”, Vermont would do well to create a statewide startup business competition.  The State Legislature evidently agrees: they commissioned a committee to put together a plan for a “StartUp Vermont” competition.  Why … Read More

Startup Competitions: 5 Lessons from MassChallenge

I’m an unabashed fan of startup competitions, whether they be brief (like the MIT 100K Elevator Pitch competition,) multi-stage (like the Rice Business Plan contest,) or even multi-lingual (e.g., Le Defi des Anges Financiers in Montreal). What’s not to love? New companies get pitch practice and exposure, and the event draws together all the various players in the startup ecosystem…and the more times you can get a critical mass of decision-makers together, the better.  While Vermont can’t run the same … Read More

Vermont New Business Prescription: First in a Series

Congratulations to Governor-elect and entrepreneur Peter Shumlin on his recent election. Gaining re-election at the same time are entrepreneur/Senator Hinda Miller and Speaker Shap Smith, who with Peter were the three legislators who organized and listened to Vermont entrepreneurs during the last legislative session. If I were in their shoes, there are five themes I’d keep in mind in the effort to create new businesses and jobs in Vermont. I’ll be blogging on each in detail later on.

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