VIDEO: David Beisel, Partner/Co-Founder of Nextview Ventures

Dedicated readers (Hi Mom!) know we’ve already gotten a look into Nextview Ventures via our interview with Lee Hower, but the interview above with David Beisel is a longer, deeper dive into some of NextView’s investments, including Code Climate, Bridj (which originated in Vermont,) GrabCad (Estonia!) and others. David also talks about starting up WebInno, which has grown into a huge quarterly event, and how it wasn’t so cool to be associated with internet startups in 2003-4, and … Read More

My 5 Step Program to Regain My Investing Chops

A few years ago, I pretty much dropped out of everything but running my startup, BuysideFX. That’s now over ;^(    and now I’m itching to get back to investing in early stage companies. But I’m rusty. Real rusty. When I was running BuysideFX, I felt a duty to my investors not to be wasting braincycles on any other startups, and so now I feel out of it: I’m outside of the latest thinking, out of the good deal flow, out … Read More

Entrepreneurs: What to Do if You Don’t Have an Idea

This post was originally published in OnStartups. I hope to be doing further guest posting on that site, which is one of my favorites. Thanks to Dharmesh Shah for his edits.

Don’t have an idea yet for a startup?

Then get off your butt and go work for someone else’s cool startup!  And the first place I would want to work would be a company that has momentum, powerful friends, and has been thoroughly vetted by pros.

How can … Read More

Do like Chris Sacca: “Create Value Before Asking for Value Back”

I’m a full-time angel, plus I’m a procrastinator and an information consumer. So, I spend a LOT of time on the cruising the net, and find a lot of great content.  But a video from Foundation, Kevin Rose‘s new venture, was so insightful and full of entertaining stories that I had to stop in my tracks and immediately zip off this post saying just how great it is.  “Create Value Before Asking for Value Back” is a theme … Read More

Why Every Angel Should Beg to Mentor at an Accelerator

The Original Mentor

Most angels who volunteer as mentors cite noble reasons to do so: “paying it forward”, “giving back”, educating the next generation of entrepreneurs, and so on.  I love people who help others purely for altruistic reasons, and I hope such motives stay foremost in mentors’ minds.  The more favors you do, the more come back your way. At AngelBootCamp on 6/14 in Boston, there’s a great session with Katie Rae (TechStars, Project 11) , David Skok (Matrix), … Read More

9 Point Checklist Before Investing in an Angel (or VC) Fund

In the last post, I discussed how commingled funds, whether they be managed by micro-VCs, leading angels, or traditional venture capital funds, can be an important component in an early stage investor’s overall strategy. This is especially for those who otherwise can’t assemble a diversified portfolio. In this post, I’m going to talk about 9 areas I think are most relevant to look at before investing in a startup fund. They are:

1)     The Manager’s Background /Reputation

2)     Prior … Read More

My favorite reading from the week of May 15

And the awards go to:

Rob Go of NextView Ventures for his post on considerations  for the ideal seed round composition; and also to Roger Ehrenberg of IA Ventures for his complementary piece on finding the right investors for the mission.  Startup guys raising their rounds now, read these two article pronto;

Fred Destin of Atlas as part of a really good angel panel, which among other things, talks about how the speed of AngelList threatens traditional … Read More

Everything You Wanted to Know about Commingled Startup Funds…but were afraid to ask

We're talking EARLY stage

One of the smarter people I know, an engineer by training who has gone on to successfully manage $billions on both the “buy side” (i.e., institutional investors) and sell side, has asked me to write some posts aimed at educating people who want to invest in angel funds, rather than in individual investments. Seeing as we have more or less the same background (excepting the engineering degree), and I’ve done this exercise myself, I’m going to … Read More

Montreal ACCELERATES! Or, Ty’s Excellent Adventures Up North

The opportunities in Montreal are looking even hotter than the Canadiens (6-3-1 last 10 games), and a lot of the excitement is due to companies emerging from a new group of accelerators. While the idea of new business incubators is hardly a new one, the last 5 years have seen an explosion of activity.  As I mentioned in my post on the MassChallenge, last time I looked more than 100 accelerators had sprung up in the U.S.

The startup Read More

Cool Networking Map from LinkedIn

You can now play around in LinkedIn to see it create your business network map. Here’s mine:

You can get them through the LinkedIn Labs Network function. I just love network maps. Though you can’t see the actual dots and connections on this, I can see who’s connected to whom on my copy. If you care, here’s more on the mapping function: herehere, and here.… Read More