The Mascot Exercise

Techstars does lots of stuff just for fun to get the teams to know each other better. San Antonio organizes games of Werewolf, Boulder does hikes, and Boston did an Outward Bound adventure. My co-director Eveline proposed a mascot game where, like a Secret Santa game, each company draws another company at random and has to create a mascot. There are no winners and losers here, but my favorite mascot was done by Cuseum (which helps museums engage their visitors … Read More


James from Shearwater International

I am pretty sure that what most of the teams need on July 4th is to catch up on their Zzzzzs. Me too. Happy 4th, everyone.

Sal from SmackHigh Sal can sleep anywhere. It’s just that he so rarely does sleep…

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Just Another Day at @Techstars: Wednesday July 1

Keith Frankel laying the knowledge on ThriveHive and Kwambio

We are in our fourth week at Techstars, with this week marking the end of “Mentor Madness”. Techstars traditionally starts off with the first third of the program intentionally focused on networking within the community, in what becomes known as “Mentor Madness”. Techstars is at its core a mentorship-driven program, where companies begin by networking like crazy, talking with mentors with whom we’ve matched them according to our read of each … Read More

6 Points for Mastering Meetings with Mentors

Next week starts the formal “Mentor Madness” portion of Techstars, where our companies dive into their new network. Our twelve companies were just announced Tuesday night, and many mentors have already scheduled their office hour visits and have indicated who they are interested in working with. 25 minutes are booked for each visit, with the typical mentor taking 4 meetings over 2 hours. Like dating, some mentors take meetings just for fun, but the goal is to find a special … Read More

And the lucky new Techstars are…

…a talented group of 12 companies, along with equally impressive hackstars and associates.  Here’s Semyon’s announcement of the companies from the Techstars blog.

We are thrilled to announce the 2015 Techstars class in Boston.  Our session began June 4th, and will wrap up with a demo day on September 1st.

This year we have amplified our recruiting efforts by working more closely with mentors in our community to identify the most promising startups in the region.  We have also … Read More

Monday, June 8: Alumni Dinner

Monday was the last day before we announce the identities of companies to the world. Which made it totally appropriate to end it with Alumni Dinner, where 20 some alumni came back to field questions from the newbies about what to expect and how to take best advantage of the Techstars experience.

But first, we finished up on the momentum of the Outward Bound experience on Sunday to do a few business exercises. Not exactly classic Business Model Canvas exercises, … Read More

Techstars Boston 2015–Day 1

And we’re off! With 12 of the 13 companies present (and one slowed at the border with a visa snafu,) introductions have been made, desks assigned, pitches critiqued, bathrooms pointed out, super-powers revealed, coffee drunk and stories shared.

The morning started off ironically, as we saw a combination never seen before–Semyon Dukach (head instigator of the TroubleMaker Award), in front of a Powerpoint, talking about rules. But the only rule that really matters is “Dare to … Read More

Guest Post from indico’s Slater Victoroff: Getting The Most Out of Your Time at Techstars

The trick is knowing how to get the most out of what you’ve got


One of my favorite Techstars teams in recent years has been indico (yes, with a lowercase “i”,) a machine-learning company out of the Boston Summer 2014 class.  A smart, fun, hardworking, enthusiastic group as is immediately evident in this goofy seven question interview done last year with co-founders Slater and Alec.

Slater just posted on the indico blog his advice (reprinted below) to the new … Read More

Blogging My Way through Techstars Boston Summer 2015

The Techstars Boston Summer 2015 class starts next Thursday, June 4, working towards Demo Day on September 1. As most of you know, I decided to join Techstars as a Director last December (for the personal reasons why, click here). Someone joked that I’m “working my way down the stack”, having started as a Limited Partner in the Boston program in 2011, then becoming a mentor, and now staff, where among other things I wash the dishes. (Which I … Read More

Answers (and Apologies) in Advance

Dharmesh Shah wrote a classic post where he explained why he couldn’t spare “just 15 minutes for a coffee.” Unfortunately, I too have reached that point, and I’m apologizing in advance.

As of right now, at Techstars we have over 800 applications in process for the summer class of Techstars Boston. And we are still actively recruiting the better companies—I just spent 2 days on the road last week doing just that. Based on history, we can expect that number … Read More