Portfolio Company Update: Incentive Targeting

I invested in Incentive Targeting in either 2009-2010–it was a deal that took a good while to close, as it had for that time a record number of angel groups in the East Coast. (If you want to hear that story, Frank Peters interviewed lead deal negotiator Michael Mark, first champions and syndicate wranglers D.R. Widder and Paul Silva, and me in 2010 in his show “The Definitive Guide to Herding Cats”,) and I followed on with a … Read More

My favorite reading from the week of May 15

And the awards go to:

Rob Go of NextView Ventures for his post on considerations  for the ideal seed round composition; and also to Roger Ehrenberg of IA Ventures for his complementary piece on finding the right investors for the mission.  Startup guys raising their rounds now, read these two article pronto;

Fred Destin of Atlas as part of a really good angel panel, which among other things, talks about how the speed of AngelList threatens traditional … Read More

Where are Startup Investors Going for News? Answer is…

This question was recently posted on Quora. Lots of interesting answers, with a few sources that I haven’t looked at yet. Here’s a link to the Quora responses, and I will check them out and start integrating the good ones into the blog under the News and Resources tab.

What are the most commonly read tech blogs/news sites among Silicon Valley VCs and Angel Investors?
Shervin Pishevar, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Startup… 
31 votes by Anon User, Daniel Brusilovsky
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