New Angel Blogger: Yosko!

Ben Yoskovitz has cranked up his Instigator Blog, and you can tell it’s a hit by the people reading and commenting, like early stage investors Dharmesh Shah, Fred Destin of Atlas, Mark MacLeod of Real Ventures, and Helge Seetzen of Tandem Launch. This week Ben wrote a retrospective on his first 9 months as an angel investor, listing 14 observations. (Only 81 short of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses–perhaps Ben launches the Angel Reformation … Read More

Portfolio Company Update: Incentive Targeting

I invested in Incentive Targeting in either 2009-2010–it was a deal that took a good while to close, as it had for that time a record number of angel groups in the East Coast. (If you want to hear that story, Frank Peters interviewed lead deal negotiator Michael Mark, first champions and syndicate wranglers D.R. Widder and Paul Silva, and me in 2010 in his show “The Definitive Guide to Herding Cats”,) and I followed on with a … Read More

play140 Featured in India’s Economic Times Article

Here’s the link, along with another. Amusing to see myself described as a Bostonian in the first article. Sorry, guys, been rooting against the Sox my entire life.  Have been remiss about posting, having been committed with a lot of family obligations for the past month. We’ll be back up soon. The company looks to create games that can be played by feature phones, which are still omnipresent, especially in Asia. For more info on the games, you … Read More

Why I’m Investing in CardMunch

This post will replay some of my thought process prior to investing in CardMunch. I’ll attempt to discuss not just the standard checklist features (“Is beta built?” “How much revenue?”) but also the intangibles that led me to jump in.

At startup presentations, I initially have interest in probably 1 in 4 deals, but in most cases any infatuation goes away after a little due diligence on the team and market. In the end, the actual hit ratio ends … Read More