How 19 Year Old Harry Stebbings Became a Venture Capital Star

This past week, Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, Roelof Botha and Marc Andreessen all separately praised the journalism of Harry Stebbings. Who is this guy?

While every Harvard MBA is trying to find a way into venture capital, how did an unknown Brit cut ahead in line and become a go-to-source and door-opener? To paraphrase the cartoonist Peter Steiner, it helps that on the internet, nobody knows you’re a 19 year old.

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I really like VCs. The good ones are worth their weight in gold, which they collect with my whole-hearted applause.

But the idea that the industry is “open”? Laughable. Which is why it’s wonderful that Bo Peabody of Greycroft authored an “OpenVC” thoughtpiece in TechCrunch, bringing up how everyone benefits from entrepreneurs knowing more about the VCs they approach. In my mind, however, his list is just table stakes. I can think of many more ways the industry can … Read More