Tech Heavyweights Weigh in on Boston

A few years ago, I filmed a few of the leading lights of Boston Tech talking about the startup community here. Special thanks to Ahmed Hentati (who also did the initial work for the Boston VentureMap) for having archived the video. The video is old, some job titles are out of date, but the big themes: talent, tech, universities, and community are all still valid.

With no further ado, here’s Katie Rae (The Engine, Project11, Techstars), Eric Paley (Founder … Read More

Monday, June 8: Alumni Dinner

Monday was the last day before we announce the identities of companies to the world. Which made it totally appropriate to end it with Alumni Dinner, where 20 some alumni came back to field questions from the newbies about what to expect and how to take best advantage of the Techstars experience.

But first, we finished up on the momentum of the Outward Bound experience on Sunday to do a few business exercises. Not exactly classic Business Model Canvas exercises, … Read More

Techstars Boston 2015–Day 1

And we’re off! With 12 of the 13 companies present (and one slowed at the border with a visa snafu,) introductions have been made, desks assigned, pitches critiqued, bathrooms pointed out, super-powers revealed, coffee drunk and stories shared.

The morning started off ironically, as we saw a combination never seen before–Semyon Dukach (head instigator of the TroubleMaker Award), in front of a Powerpoint, talking about rules. But the only rule that really matters is “Dare to … Read More

Blogging My Way through Techstars Boston Summer 2015

The Techstars Boston Summer 2015 class starts next Thursday, June 4, working towards Demo Day on September 1. As most of you know, I decided to join Techstars as a Director last December (for the personal reasons why, click here). Someone joked that I’m “working my way down the stack”, having started as a Limited Partner in the Boston program in 2011, then becoming a mentor, and now staff, where among other things I wash the dishes. (Which I … Read More

Video: Phil Beauregard on the Boston Startup Ecosystem

When I back an entrepreneur, I especially like to find that rare combination of brawler and softie. Brawler = pugnacious, persistant, driven, opinionated. But so many people with attitude are just jackasses. (That doesn’t mean you can’t like their products, Uber…)

@objlphil is always ready for a tumble, defending underdogs everywhere. In this interview, he talks about the entrepreneurs and VCs he admires, how @scottkirsner gave him a big break, and his role in starting both the Unpitch luncheon for … Read More

The Two Most Inspirational Stories Today @TechStars Demo Day


Lots of great companies in @semyondukach’s first vintage of TechStars Boston companies. But I’m a total sucker for a good backstory. As the son of someone for whom English was the third language, I was thrilled by the personal story behind the great strides done at CoolChip Technologies. And as the father of a daughter who competes in athletics, I get misty-eyed at the empowerment embodied in Spitfire Athlete. Unfortunately, my guerrilla video had some problems for Spitfire, so … Read More

SNARK TANK! LiveBlogging from @AngelBootCamp

1:00pm Like a well-rested and tanned movie star, @AngelBootCamp is back on the scene. I’m settled into the auditorium, got the laptops charged, and will be your guide throughout. Which makes me Rita Skeeter compared to all of the Gryffindors speaking today.

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VIDEO: Robin–Connecting Identity, Location, and IoT for the Office

Sam (on the left) and Zach Dunn undoubtedly have been hard to tell apart since birth, but I for one am most impressed by the shared drive, thought, and perceptivity of the vision they share for Robin, their new startup. (Yes, I’m a fortunate investor, thanks to ace bird dog and startup connoisseur Phil Beauregard of Objective Logistics, another data-driven company a few blocks away.)

In the interview, they touch on the possibilities if the presence of a mobile … Read More

VIDEO: Leo Koenig of WooSports

Who doesn’t like startups who execute? Just 6 months ago, I wrote about investing in WooSports based mostly on gut feel. And as you’ll see in this interview, things are going great–contracts signed, shipping soon, looking good.

And if you want to see Leo’s German-inflected English in a cool interactive transcription, check out Averbach Transcription’s work on the link below: More

VIDEO: Bettina Hein, CEO/Founder of Pixability

Continuing our series of “getting reacquainted with portfolio companies”, I met up with Bettina Hein of Pixability. And the quality of this investment is probably correlated to the quality of this video. With its usual high standards, Pixability–which knows a thing or two about video–volunteered to upgrade the quality of these interviews and film and edit it for us. Don’t get used to it–this blog is, after all, called Insufficiently Edited.

Everything about Pixability, down to the smallest coasters, is … Read More