Answers (and Apologies) in Advance

Dharmesh Shah wrote a classic post where he explained why he couldn’t spare “just 15 minutes for a coffee.” Unfortunately, I too have reached that point, and I’m apologizing in advance.

As of right now, at Techstars we have over 800 applications in process for the summer class of Techstars Boston. And we are still actively recruiting the better companies—I just spent 2 days on the road last week doing just that. Based on history, we can expect that number … Read More

VIDEO: CEO Lyle Stevens of Mavrck

Stop the presses! First, here’s some rough video from this morning’s Demo Day presentation.

Now back to my interview.

OK, time to let the cat out of the bag now that it is TechStars Demo Day.  The very very strong team that entered TechStars Boston as SplashScore is now Mavrck. (And how cool is the first glimpse at that website? Click here if you haven’t already.) Lyle goes into the story of Mavrck, what exactly an “influence marketing platform” … Read More

SNARK TANK! LiveBlogging from @AngelBootCamp

1:00pm Like a well-rested and tanned movie star, @AngelBootCamp is back on the scene. I’m settled into the auditorium, got the laptops charged, and will be your guide throughout. Which makes me Rita Skeeter compared to all of the Gryffindors speaking today.

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VIDEO: Bettina Hein, CEO/Founder of Pixability

Continuing our series of “getting reacquainted with portfolio companies”, I met up with Bettina Hein of Pixability. And the quality of this investment is probably correlated to the quality of this video. With its usual high standards, Pixability–which knows a thing or two about video–volunteered to upgrade the quality of these interviews and film and edit it for us. Don’t get used to it–this blog is, after all, called Insufficiently Edited.

Everything about Pixability, down to the smallest coasters, is … Read More

Video|Head of TechStars Boston, Semyon Dukach

You can’t not love(or if you’re a New England investor, not co-invest with) Semyon Dukach. I once wrote a blog called “And this year’s word is Co”; the only person I know of, who was my CO-investor in all 4 of those companies (CoachUp, coUrbanize, CoEverywhere, CommandIQ), was Semyon. Here’s a semi-complete list of what Semyon’s invested in.

Besides our taste in startups, we have some other things in common. We both did bizarre things out of school that people … Read More

Office Hours with SuperAngel Joe Caruso

Joe Caruso’s investment philosophy and track record is open for all to see on his BantamGroup website–and when you study it, it’s quickly apparent that he’s had over 40 good exits and 6 “golazos”.  We squeezed into a slot on Joe’s schedule while he was seeing entrepreneurs during his regular open office hours at the Cambridge Innovation Center…before he was off to do the same later in the week at MassChallenge, TechStars, and several of the university-sponsored incubators … Read More

My 5 Step Program to Regain My Investing Chops

A few years ago, I pretty much dropped out of everything but running my startup, BuysideFX. That’s now over ;^(    and now I’m itching to get back to investing in early stage companies. But I’m rusty. Real rusty. When I was running BuysideFX, I felt a duty to my investors not to be wasting braincycles on any other startups, and so now I feel out of it: I’m outside of the latest thinking, out of the good deal flow, out … Read More

It’s Wayne’s World! Party On, Excellent Syndicate!

Wayne is IN! And I’m thrilled to be along for the ride. Details below.

Let’s start with some non-controversial startup investment logic:

1)   Critical elements to successful startup investing are staying on top of technology trends and having access to good deals

2)   Smart entrepreneurs seek out as advisors/investors those successful role models who they can relate to (i.e., are the same age, travel same circles, have friends in common, etc.)

3)   I have a limited amount of connections and … Read More

And this year’s word is “CO”

I just realized something–most of the new angel investments I’ve made this year has something in common:



The trend probably started last year with

I’ll need to discuss this with my BuysideFX co-founders, David Costin and Brian Costa.


Ty Dan(wait for it)co… Read More

My reactions to Google #Glass…and a new investment

Yes, @objlphil, I’ve got mine and you don’t.

With that out of the way, our startup has been playing with @googleglass, and we wrote up a blogpost that was featured on TabbForum.  If you can’t get through the registration process at Tabb Forum, you can also see a version here via our new BuysideFX website.

And let me know what you think of the website. I’m doing my writing for the day job, and not for angel investing, … Read More