Tech Heavyweights Weigh in on Boston

A few years ago, I filmed a few of the leading lights of Boston Tech talking about the startup community here. Special thanks to Ahmed Hentati (who also did the initial work for the Boston VentureMap) for having archived the video. The video is old, some job titles are out of date, but the big themes: talent, tech, universities, and community are all still valid.

With no further ado, here’s Katie Rae (The Engine, Project11, Techstars), Eric Paley (Founder Collective, Brontes), Rob Go (NextView Ventures, Spark Capital, Ebay,) Bill Warner (Avid Technologies, Warner Labs), and Diane Hessan (Communispace, Startup Institute) talking about their favorite startup hub.







Diane Hessan (founder of Communispace, former CEO of Startup Institute)


Rob Go of NextViewVentures

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