Quick Health Update

Folks wondering why my blog cut out suddenly, here’s the reason: I contracted oropharayngeal cancer, and pretty much just dropped out to deal with it. I’ve been treated at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and have recently finished both chemo and radiation treatments. Everything to date seems to have gone as scheduled, with a 70% chance of recovery (defined as no re-occurrence of cancer for 5 years.) UPDATE 1/26/16: I’M GOOD! DOCS GIVING BEST POSSIBLE NEWS, NO MORE SIGN OF CANCER.

I hope to be back at Techstars working 3/4s schedule by the beginning of the year for the new Techstars Boston Spring 2016 class.

As for angel investing–I’m just keeping it simple and saying no until my health prospects are clearer, which may happen as soon as a few months as we check in on the results of the radiation. So for now, no follow-ons, no new meetings, just keeping it simple.

Anyone wanting to get the gory details of my wrestling with the tongue cancer can get them at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/tydanco

Hope to be back blogging in the new year about venture–I’ve certainly got a backlog of ideas, but now I simply need to focus on getting back in fighting shape.

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