The Mascot Exercise

Techstars does lots of stuff just for fun to get the teams to know each other better. San Antonio organizes games of Werewolf, Boulder does hikes, and Boston did an Outward Bound adventure. My co-director Eveline proposed a mascot game where, like a Secret Santa game, each company draws another company at random and has to create a mascot. There are no winners and losers here, but my favorite mascot was done by Cuseum (which helps museums engage their visitors with interactive mobile technology) and Kwambio (which is like the Kindle store for unique objects via 3D printing) which comes from Odessa in Ukraine.

Here’s Cuseum’s suggestion for Kwambio: the KWAMBAT!kwambat

Rumor has it that Kwambio returning the favor by printing up a few of these guys with a little beacon hidden inside that can be used by Cuseum for quick product demos.

Gotta love it.


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