Techstars Weekend: Outward Bound on Thompson Island

One of the key elements to make Techstars successful is to build rapport and trust amongst the teams. Thanks to the kind contributions of Cooley, one of Techstars’ sponsors, the cofounders of this year’s class and staff were able to spend Sunday learning lessons about teamwork and ourselves at the Outward Bound school at Thompson Island, one of the Harbor Islands in Boston. Hard to think of a better way to meet new people you’ll be working alongside for the next 3 months. If I had to do it over again, I think I’d opt for an overnight event. The teams were split into 3 groups of 10 to make reasonable sizes for the group experience, and fortunately we were able to have a dinner afterwards to get to know the other 2/3rds better and to cement the good progress of the day. Now it’s back to work as we start really cranking Monday morning. Alumni dinner (no staff invited) tonight. Here’s some pix–the ropes course/climbing are missing, but you get a sense of the day, from the morning ferry ride out to writing down our impressions afterwards. We will be following up on these events, as we are doing everywhere, with net promoter scores to learn more about the immediate reactions, but whether or not we made real progress will become evident quickly over the next week if a better working camaraderie develops.IMG_1463 IMG_1454 IMG_1425 IMG_1445 IMG_1460

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