Techstars Boston 2015–Day 1

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And we’re off! With 12 of the 13 companies present (and one slowed at the border with a visa snafu,) introductions have been made, desks assigned, pitches critiqued, bathrooms pointed out, super-powers revealed, coffee drunk and stories shared.

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The morning started off ironically, as we saw a combination never seen before–Semyon Dukach (head instigator of the TroubleMaker Award), in front of a Powerpoint, talking about rules. But the only rule that really matters is “Dare to Be Great.”

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Yes, from the photo above, you can see that the class is a little more mature than usual. We’ll tell you the whole scoop soon, but we’re still keeping identities hidden until Tuesday night. But I promise you the status quo should be scared.

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