Buried under 376 GB of Video

In addition to beginning to process the applications coming into Techstars, I’ve just finished the bulk of my work teaching a Middlebury College class this January. We frontloaded in meetings in Boston with various entrepreneurs, VCs, angels, bankers, lawyers…and the students compiled 376GB of interviews in the can with over 40 different firms or investors involved. There is a long list of people to thank who responded to the last blog, and we couldn’t even handle the many more folks who also volunteered who we couldn’t get to.  We’ll try to thank you all by putting out the terrific film.

376 GBs is a lot of hours of film, and it will take the rest of the month to edit it. (Fortunately, there are 23 kids taking the class; unfortunately only 3 film majors.)  I might load up some of the “JV” footage here that doesn’t make it onto the StartupGrid website, Youtube channel or Facebook account, but still has teachable gems scattered within.

I’m as eager to see the results as you–I probably only attended 1/3rd of the interviews, but what I saw was great. But for now, I’ll probably just be blogging for the next 7 weeks about the Techstars Boston program. Please encourage any great startups you know to apply to Techstars! Applications close on March 15.

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