Calling all Boston and VT Startup Experts!

If you’re a successful angel investor, VC, or a CXO at some highflying startup, Middlebury College students want to hear your story, lessons and opinions. In January, I’m teaching an interdisciplinary class called StartupGrid where the students will be building a crowdsourced-but-still-curated web app that catalogues the best blogs, videos, Slideshares, etc. about startups. So you can easily find out in a flash what Brad Feld, Ben Horowitz, Fred Wilson, Mark Suster and other great entrepreneurs turned investors turned educators think about any topic.

Which is where you come in. If you have the expertise of a guru (but the modesty not to call yourself one), and are free either in Boston or in VT for the first 2 weeks of January, we are looking for people willing to go on film to shoot from the hip and give new entrepreneurs your opinion on ranges of issues, from strategy to fundraising to management issues.

Four of the 23 students in the class are film majors, and they will be assembling the footage into short films that may appear on the website.

To mix directional metaphors, are you interested in giving back and paying it forward? Let me know (you can email me at ty at tydanco dot com), and we’ll try to coordinate schedules and let you choose your questions from a list in advance. Most Boston filming will be done either at Techstars in the Leather District or at the NEVCA offices in Kendall Sq.




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