AWESOME Techstars Internship for January and maybe beyond

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I am looking for someone to be my wingman (or wingwoman, though I’ve never heard that phrase) at Techstars. If you’re a student with an open January Term and are really interested in startups, here’s what I’m going to be doing—and you would be with me, step for step, helping me with all of this:

1)   Meeting up with many of the major angel investors, VC firms, school programs and incubators in and around Boston

2)   Working to do data analysis to identify and then communicate with the best possible startups throughout the U.S. and Canada

3)   Coordinating new lectures by great speakers

4)   Communicating and working with the Techstar alumni firms and existing mentors to get leads on companies we want to apply

5)   Help organize and read through some of the early applications for the Techstars Boston program (sorry, you will be pledged to secrecy on all this, you will be shot if you talk)

6)   Help write and create materials for and about the Techstars program, and probably help set us up on Buffer, Streak and other tools

The lucky intern will have a big big lead for a paid spot as an associate in our next Techstars class starting in June for 3 months, with an active role in the curriculum and the chance to see if you’re a fit with the 12 companies we select out of 1000+ applicants.

Yep, this is the second best job in Boston. It would be the best, except I have that one, and you will have to put up with me. You need to:

1)   have a killer recommendation from someone in the startup community—an entrepreneurship professor, a founder, or an investor is fine

2)   be a self-starter we can trust to take charge of projects

3)   amaze us with a cool lifehack, talent, or accomplishment that we could never dream of

4)   have impressed us by what you know about Techstars…and perhaps even tell us how to improve our message

5) ability to write is a big plus.


I’m going to fill this post in the next 10 days. You can contact me at, and we’ll arrange a time to talk. If there are enough good candidates, we may even take two. I promise you will learn more in a month about entrepreneurship than you ever imagined.

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