Part II on Mobile Apps with Sravish Sridhar

I had inadvertantly misfiled a section of my previous interview with Sravish Sridhar, Founder/CEO of Kinvey. Fortunately, we found it, and here it is. Just like before, his thoughts are solid gold. On this segment, he talks about:

0:10 Kinvey’s partnership with VMware, where Kinvey is the mobile platform for VMWare’s cloud platform.

1:00 And how Kinvey won business over a competitor that VMWare had invested in.

5:00 Unusual apps using Kinvey–from health to ridesharing to 50 Shades of Grey

7:10  Kinvey’s B-Round Lead Investors: NTT and Verizon, and why Sravish went “strategic”

8:00  The Double Platform Shift–to the Cloud, and to Mobile. And how Kinvey is in the middle of both shifts.

10:15 Mapping the Mobile Ecosystem.

Liked it? You also can review Part I below.



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