VIDEO: 1 Quick Minute with William Mougayar

William Mougayar (venture advisor, 4x entrepreneur, TechStars mentor, marketer and strategist) is one of my favorite thought leaders in the startup space. Why? Because he not only finds and curates great content (via his website, he is an active and valued commentor on other blogs (such as Fred Wilson’s,), and he also produces a lot of his own original  pieces, both market commentary (like this piece on bitcoin) or just old-fashioned wisdom, nuggets of which can be found here.

Specifically, William was the inspiration for the January course I’m teaching at Middlebury College, nominally called StartupGrid, where we are going to be back-cataloguing and tagging a lot of quality content. We may come from slightly different approaches for slightly different reasons, but you can do a lot worse than to piggyback on William’s output as the foundation for your exploration of the webs. I think of William as my guide to the present. If you want to supplement your reading with some of the best content of the past, my suggestion is to go to the archives/annual compilations of Harvard’s Tom Eisenmann.

OK, time to drive back to VT. Excuse the roughness of the video–unlike William’s work, everything I do is insufficiently edited.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: 1 Quick Minute with William Mougayar

  1. wmougayar Reply

    Cool. Thanks Ty. It was great seeing you at Techstars.

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