VIDEO: CEO Pierre Louis Theron of StreamRoot

We interrupt this show to sneak in guerrilla footage of the StreamRoot pitch at TechStars DemoDay!


DEATH TO BUFFERING!!! Which is one of those boring, unsexy infrastructure/plumbing problems which I LOVE to see solved. And solve it these guys do, which is why I am investing with Streamroot.

The first person to get me enthused about Streamroot was fellow Frenchman Clement Cazalot (founder/CEO of doctrackr, which went through TechStars Boston 2 years ago and already has been acquired.) Clement is a pretty deep technical guy, and he assures me the technology is the real deal. Peer-to-peer streaming. Just like SpaceMonkey did in basic storage. Just like Bitcoin does via the blockchain. Just like the music sharing services. And none of those areas have seen the spectacular growth (meaning big problems and bigger opportunities) as we’ve seen in bandwidth usage.

Gonna have to get my boy @wayne to get his AngelList syndicate into this. Wayne, you reading this?

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