VIDEO: Robin–Connecting Identity, Location, and IoT for the Office

Sam (on the left) and Zach Dunn undoubtedly have been hard to tell apart since birth, but I for one am most impressed by the shared drive, thought, and perceptivity of the vision they share for Robin, their new startup. (Yes, I’m a fortunate investor, thanks to ace bird dog and startup connoisseur Phil Beauregard of Objective Logistics, another data-driven company a few blocks away.)

In the interview, they touch on the possibilities if the presence of a mobile device (your phone, smartwatch, whatever) acts as a log-in device once presence is detected. How would that change work? Imagine how videoconferences could be started just by entering a space, or if leaving a meeting early activated the streaming of the remaining slides missed to the phone of the person jumping off to the airport. Or if scheduling of conference rooms wasn’t always screwed up because people stopped typing in names into those stupid mini iPads taped (but never used) to the meeting rooms in large organizations?

In summary–technology to make smarter offices with less BS. If after the video you want to know more, here’s the website.

PS–big news upcoming from Robin. Once it breaks, we’ll do Part II.


0:15 The BackStory: The bootstrapping of OneMightyRoar, founded 2009,

1:13   The idea behind Robin—presence sensing for the office

2:10   Phones as identifiers

2:55 People as connected devices?

3:20   Some potential use cases. Beyond the smart home to the smart office.

6:30   How the system works. (It starts with beacons.)

7:50   Permissioning and opting-in.

8:50   APIs for physical space. Apps for individual rooms

10:20 The opportunities in translation between platforms

11:38 Some basic business functions: Attendance, automated billing, establishing relationships between clients, and information on how you spend your day.

14:05 Privacy, auditing and optimization

14:58 Applicability for “open campuses”, and the “Marauder’s Map”

16:24 “Bedchecks” and clipboards—how human traffic is monitored now.

17:55 Receipts and records for your own tracking for productivity and focus

18:20 Reflections on Foursquare’s Swarm

19:45 Quick tour of the app





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