VIDEO: David Beisel, Partner/Co-Founder of Nextview Ventures

Dedicated readers (Hi Mom!) know we’ve already gotten a look into Nextview Ventures via our interview with Lee Hower, but the interview above with David Beisel is a longer, deeper dive into some of NextView’s investments, including Code Climate, Bridj (which originated in Vermont,) GrabCad (Estonia!) and others. David also talks about starting up WebInno, which has grown into a huge quarterly event, and how it wasn’t so cool to be associated with internet startups in 2003-4, and he schools this old school curmudgeon how it can be OK to be losing more and more money in SaaS if the growth numbers and cohort analysis is right.

After the cameras stopped rolling, we discussed some of the good and interesting things Jay Acunzo has been doing in promoting the community. Here’s a quick bonus video that Jay kindly sat in for me just before I interviewed Lee. Jay thus became my first ever interview which was done on zero warning as I tested my 1-day old camera. But it is still great stuff. I’m also a fan of Jay’s podcast, TechItFwd. In episode 1, I found out what I have in common with Jeff Fagnan–I did a triathlon in NYC where someone next to me swam into a floating turd while doing a lap around the Statue of Liberty. And on that fine note here’s Jay, who in one unedited take (since at the time I had yet to figure out how to edit) lays out some of the TLC given by his firm to brand-new startups.




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