VIDEO: Bettina Hein, CEO/Founder of Pixability

Continuing our series of “getting reacquainted with portfolio companies”, I met up with Bettina Hein of Pixability. And the quality of this investment is probably correlated to the quality of this video. With its usual high standards, Pixability–which knows a thing or two about video–volunteered to upgrade the quality of these interviews and film and edit it for us. Don’t get used to it–this blog is, after all, called Insufficiently Edited.

Pixability shoot

Everything about Pixability, down to the smallest coasters, is meticulously thought out. As you’ll see, the branding is consistent from the pillows to the red coasters that mirror the company logo, which is a play on the red “record” button omnipresent on every video camera.





And near and dear to my Lean Startup heart is how they test, reiterate and even pivot as they hone in on product-market fit like a heat-seeking missile. The result is a company that transformed from simple video production to winning MassTLC’s Innovative Technology of the Year Award in the Big Data category. I can’t tell the story half as well as Bettina–if you haven’t clicked on the first video, do it. As for me, I sure am looking forward to watching the rest of the ride.






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