Untether.tv, and Other Stellar Podcasts.


With my weekly drive from VT to Boston, I have a lot of time to listen to podcasts about startups. Here are my favorites:

1) Untether.tv For as long as I’ve been angel investing, Rob Woodbridge has been putting out quality interviews with entrepreneurs around the mobil space. Mobile is my favorite area of investment, and his coverage of the sector is so comprehensive that I find that he has interviewed many of my portfolio companies, asking much deeper and more knowledgeable questions than I do.

I first ran across untether.tv, his podcast, when I was looking at investing in UpNext, a mobile phone mapping system that mashed together 3d-like views of a city with relevant information–tap on a building, and find out what companies were tenants. Perfect for me visiting New York. I had just started on AngelList in early 2010, before it had slick presentations available, and I was hesitant to make out-of-town investments without a way to easily dive deeper with the founders. Rob, however, had already done a lot of the work for me. Watching his interviews with Danny Moon got me going, and UpNext became my first AngelList investment, and turned out to be one of the best.

Since then, many of my mobile investments, including coEverywhere, Localmind (since acquired by AirBnB, I guess they watch as well!), and Momentfeed have been featured, either before or after I got them.

I just watched a recent podcast with IrisVR, and Rob was at his best. While sympathetic as always to the entrepreneurs, he didn’t miss probing into some of the problems in current technology–in this case, virtual reality rendering, dizziness, and so on.

Rob takes on virtually all aspects of the mobile experience, from location (GPS or beacons) to chat to serving ads to wearables. His interview series is highly recommended, and there are other quick “mobile minute” updates, as he literally cranks out this content daily.

We’ll talk about some of the other, perhaps better known shows, like Jason Calacanis’s This Week in Startups, Andrew Warner’s Mixergy, and my new favorite podcast, Alex Blumberg’s entertaining Startup, in future posts, as well as Boston audio podcast series TechinBoston by Dave Gerhardt and TechItFwd by Jay Acunzo, but for now we both gotta get back to work.

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