Video|No BS Zone: Apollo Sinkevicius on Startup Operations.

The biggest, brawniest, baddest-ass Lithuanian since Arvidas Sabonis, Apollo just let’s it rip. And I thought I was insufficiently edited. Apollo holds nothing back–wait till you hear his comments on recruiters.

Apollo’s own shownotes:

Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP

Ed Amer – probably one of the most even-keeled, calm, balance, and reasonable partners I have ever worked with. Nothing disturbs that dude and he works like a madman.
Gregory Ploussios – this man is a true geeks’ lawyer. He gets technology specifics, you can’t stump him with some new language or library, he usually already knows the details. And his contracts are nice. I love them. Very easy for me to review and edit.
Ken Marx is the awesome associate
Supporting Strategies – outsourced bookkeepers and lifesavers. I still believe you should know how to run the books and only then outsource them.

Goss & McLain Insurance Agency – specifically Michael P. Regan. This guy knows so many loopholes and has so many ways to get you the coverage you need. He shops the hell out of your policy. Every time I come in with my hair graying, he has something for me to solve the problem. Use him for both health insurance and business policies.

Feely & Driscoll for CPAs – Michael Poirier is like Ed Amer – calm, well-balanced, unflappable, and if he says something can’t be done, it means you will be going to jail, if you do it. For everything else there is always a solution. Seems like every obscure section of GAAP, IRS code, etc. they know and how it applies. 
To clarify my 3rd party recruiter statement: I consider non-W2 recruiters lower than used car last chance credit dealers. They are the dirty pimps. They don’t care about the candidates. They don’t care about companies. They are there to make their fee and nothing else. You have to have skin in the game, to be  good recruiter. Talent aren’t good to be bought and sold. If you can afford that fee, give it to actually the person who will be busting their ass for you. If I had extra $20K-$30K to pay, I am 100% giving it to my colleague, not some mercenary pimp. Only good recruiter is one you have on your staff. Moment I have business reason for W2 recruiter, I have a list of people I am going to recruit the heck out of to be on my team. Those folks are invaluable, because they are good. They are the “truffle sniffers”, because their motivations are aligned. Heck, they should be one of the best paid people on your team.
Gee, Apollo, don’t sugarcoat it, tell us how you really feel! ;^)
On my list of favorite attorneys:  Dave Cappillo of Goodwin Procter in Boston, and Ken Merritt of Merritt, Merritt & Moulton in Burlington, VT, both specializing in startups. And as far as bankers, there is no way that anyone can deliver the value that SVB does. Try Pamela Aldsworth if you’re in New England.

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