Video|TechStarsBoston Demo Day: Rocki

Above is a bootleg video of Nick talking about Rocki at Demo Day yesterday. I’m adding it onto the earlier product demo we did with his cofounder Dennis below, with the rest of the old post unchanged from a few weeks ago.

All of the major accelerators feature Demo Days, but generally they are just disguised investor pitches. Instead, Dennis of Rocki shows me how to use the neat little gadget I just got which lets me stream music easily from nice (but previously not wireless-compatible) speakers I have in my Boston apartment. While I have an expensive Sonos system in my house in Burlington, Rocki gives me much of the same functionality–for $49 per unit (I’m using 1 per room) instead of many hundreds for another Sonos system. Plus, I get to reuse great, but old speakers, and not worry about rewiring an apartment.

Simple, easy, fun. You can find out more about Rocki on their FAQ site. Thanks, Dennis, for putting on the Miles Davis as opposed to this crap.

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