Video|The True @HackerChick Story Revealed


It’s true. After extensive DNA testing, in spite of repeated denials by all involved, your intrepid reporter can now reveal that Cyndi Lauper and Steve Blank had a love child–Abby Fichtner, aka @hackerchick.


Abby lets it all spill out, including:

Her career change from hacker to goddess;

How she was able to help the YO app go viral by targeting dyslexic rabbis;

and how she became the ultimate NERD for Microsoft.

Critical show notes:  You can find her tweets @hackerchick; her website;

I turned off the camera just as she blurted out about the accelerators she had blanked on: Bolt (for hardware), Learn Launch (for EdTech), HealthBox (for Health/IT), Greentown Labs (for clean tech).  MIT Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, Northeastern Idea, Babson’s Hatcheries,  and Paul English’s latest creation: Blade. And a few others I can’t remember. Bonus points if you can figure out which she described, in the highest of all compliments, as “half incubator, half nightclub”.

She also begged me to talk about The Tap Lab’s Dave Bisceglia being a contender for best male dancer, with Aude-Olivia uncontested as top danseuse. But tough, Abby. You want a second chance? You gotta give me another interview.

To be continued…

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