Video|The cofounders of indico–unplugged, unedited and unprepped

Probably the hottest company coming out of TechStars Boston in the past few years is indico. In keeping with our recent videos of Boston tech companies and investors, today with no warning we torpedoed indico’s  two co-founders, Slater Victoroff and Alec Radford, with quiz show style questions that let’s them show their true selves in topics that are:

1) Biblical; 2) Photographic; 3) Fictional/Engineering; 4) Historic/Poetic; 5) Mathematic/Cinematic; 6) about Source and Sorcery; and 7) Psychological. After question 1, you’ll know why I’m thrilled to be an investor.

And to show you exactly how geeky and proud these guys are, here is an example of Alec’s cat as described in question #2. Check out the source code on

Are you interested in machine learning and want some cool developer tools? Download some of their machine learning APIs here.

Want to join the team? Check out their job board here.


And even though as a Catholic I regret the loss of Alec as a future priest, as an art lover I am happy to post pictures of his cat Iggy in 50 shades of grey (see question 2). And by participating in this film, I now have a Bacon number of 7 (courtesy of Slater, a 6.) My Erdosz Bacon number, alas, is infiniteindico2

iggy clean
Iggy intact
iggy fractured
Iggy indicoed (see question 2)

PS: want to see the Spidey-math referenced in the interview? Spiderman_Final_Report

2 thoughts on “Video|The cofounders of indico–unplugged, unedited and unprepped

  1. Philip Z Loh Reply

    Sorry to burst your bubble but let me be a little nitpicky with your Biblical question. “In the beginning was the Word” are the first 6 words to John, not Genesis. Genesis goes “In the beginning God created the”.

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