Lee Hower, Partner/CoFounder of NextView Ventures

Lee speaks so well, it’s almost pointless for me to comment. Watch it and you’ll understand how NextView has been able to raise a fund and rack in 3 exits in the past 6 months. Just a class outfit.

Here are some shownotes related to the video.

0:30 Being a double unicorn–getting in early at Paypal and LinkedIn

3:00 Moving back to New England from Silicon Valley

4:45 Where NextView fits in in the VC ecosystem

6:30 Sourcing early stage deals

9:15 The investment decision process

His company website:  NextView Ventures

Lee’s blog: AgileVC

David Beisel’s blog and a link to WebInno, Boston’s tech demo destination

Rob Go’s blog and a link to the new and improved Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech (MUST READ)

Jay Acunzo’s blog, SorryforMarketing

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