Talking with coUrbanize CEO/CoFounder Karin Brandt

I was delighted to catch up with Karin Brandt. I was even more delighted to learn that coUrbanize‘s product is taking off. And I was really really happy to learn that coUrbanize is cash-flow positive just a year and a half out of her TechStars Boston 2013 class. (Her fellow classmates Codeship were featured a few days earlier here.)

coUrbanize’s value proposition is easy to understand: it helps communities and urban developers build better cities, together. With its interactive platform, coUrbanize helps developers to distribute project information and gather online feedback so everybody has the facts and can easily participate. This minimizes misunderstandings that can cause confusion, objections, or unnecessary delays. And that saves their real estate developer clients and municipal clients big bucks and big headaches.

Karin talks about her current challenge, which is to take her proven business model and making it scale. First steps–building up a sales force, which I have always found the toughest task. But when your product is an order of magnitude easier and better than the traditional way, sales gets a lot easier.

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