Catching up with Codeship

In the past month I’ve started on a 5 Step Program to Regain My Investing Chops, and part of that is to revisit with my existing portfolio companies. I’m going to be the local ones and posting the videos I’m making while I’m at it.

Some of the Codeship team (Navy? Flotilla? Mannschaft?) were back at TechStars to share with the current class some of their learnings, and I caught up with them just after. (And got one of those SWEET sweatshirts like Flo is wearing. Who says mentors don’t learn from their mentees? I’m getting my next swag via Bratislava.)

Anyway, enjoy. And if you’re creating software with Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, etc., there is NO reason not to use Codeship to test and efficiently and continuously deploy your code. Check out their Youtube Channel for lots of demos and tutorials of the features they’ve built. And spoiler alert–they’re hiring!

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