As always, Steve Blank and Friends Nail It


Readers know I’m not posting much nor doing a lot of (non-syndicated) angel investing now, but I read a great post on Steve Blank‘s blog yesterday inspired by John Selep. The post shows one investor’s framework for tieing in Steve’s management teachings to improve not only his odds of making successful investments, but those of every startup looking to raise money.

In one way it’s a great filter–is the entrepreneur sufficiently sophisticated? coachable? flexible? pragmatic?  But equally important for angel investors, it’s a great positive way to give helpful commentary back to the inevitable 95% of “no’s” that result when you talk to startups.

Accelerators–(I’m talking about you, @MassChallenge and @TechStars)–this has to be on your curriculum. Every entrepreneur should read not just the post, but the referenced materials from Eric Ries, Alex Osterwalder, and Steve. As should angels and mentors. I’m sure there’s a closing joke about angels, evangelists, and the Gospel according to Steve, but I’m back to work on BuysideFX.

Sometimes the best way to advise is just to point. Go read it!



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