And this year’s word is “CO”

I just realized something–most of the new angel investments I’ve made this year has something in common:

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 9.29.45 PM




The trend probably started last year with


I’ll need to discuss this with my BuysideFX co-founders, David Costin and Brian Costa.


Ty Dan(wait for it)co

5 thoughts on “And this year’s word is “CO”

  1. COeverywhere is a fun app. Funny story: when I first used it on the Cape this summer, I circled the area around our house and the first Instagram post to pop up was some poser who had submitted a picture of himself sitting on my HobieCat talking about “woo-hoo” he was living the vida loca and how he was looking forward to going sailing that day. I left a comment along the lines of “Um, dude that’s my boat…”

      1. That would be nice! But before that, we’re scouting for a QA lead, some java programmers, rails guys, a product manager… oh yeah, and big clients.

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